Dogwood, White 1-0

Inventory Status: 2650


White dogwood is a small tree with a short trunk that branches low, producing a slightly rounded to flat-topped crown. This species will reach heights of 20 to 30 feet with a mature diameter of one to two feet, making it a attractive ornamental tree. Growth is best on well-drained, clay, loamy, sandy soils. Very small, inconspicuous flowers that are surrounded by four large white bracts appear in mid-spring. The red to brown wood is hard, strong and very close-grained. Although the fruits are poisonous if eaten by humans, more than 35 species of birds and many large and small mammals are known to eat them. Deer and rabbits browse the foliage and twigs. The white dogwood, otherwise known as flowering dogwood, is the state tree and state flower of Virginia.