The Virginia Department of Forestry operates two state tree nurseries. The Augusta Forestry Center is located along the South River in Crimora, VA. We grow a variety of mixed hardwoods and a few select conifers at this site. The nursery was built in 1966 to meet the growing demand for white pine and other species used for reclaiming and reforesting land. Our UPS shipping program is supported at this location and we have more than 2,000 tree orders shipped out each year to landowners all over the state. We look forward to serving you as well! Call and let us know how we can meet your reforestation needs. The Garland Gray Forestry Center is located in Courtland, VA. This nursery was built in 1985 and is focused more toward supplying seedlings for large reforestation projects. A majority of the crop here is Loblolly pine. Since Virginia is located in an area known as the "woodbasket" of the nation, Loblolly pine is intensively managed in the eastern part of the state. Estimates show that approximately 55 percent of the nation's wood supply comes from the southeastern US. It is also estimated that the Southeast provides approximately 25 percent of the world's pulpwood supply for paper. We grow 30 million seedlings here and plan to expand this facility.